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Protecting your nest egg & your family

By May 25, 2016February 12th, 2019No Comments

Protecting your nest egg and your family should be one of life’s key priorities but while most people do not think twice about protecting their homes, cars and even their pets, how many do the same for their spouses and children?

Life insurance isn’t about leaving a legacy for your family or just paying the mortgage off; it’s about protecting them if the unthinkable happens so your loved ones have sufficient capital and income to continue with their current lifestyle.

How far would your savings go?

So if you were too ill to work or the family breadwinner died unexpectedly you wouldn’t want your family savings being used up on routine expenditure. And when you think about the monthly outgoings of the average family, even your hard-earned savings might not go as far as you’d think, especially when you add in the cost of holidays, after school activities and the cost of higher education.

Average monthly household expenditure on food £234
Average monthly cost of running a car £147
Average monthly household spend on power £115

Source: Office for National Statistics Household Expenditure Report, published 2015 based on 2013/14 figs.

Have you checked what’s covered recently?

According to the Association of British Insurers Report (2016), 1 in 4 breadwinners in the UK don’t have a life insurance policy in place so leaving their families open to financial problems. It is also shocking to note that those that do have protection do not always have the right type of protection or do not fully understand the cover they have purchased.

At Cullen Wealth we pride ourselves on helping clients make sure that the most precious people in their lives are protected and provided for.

Our trained consultants match your needs with your budget and check your current cover is sufficient and up to date.

So for peace of mind and help with understanding your protection needs, call us on 0161 975 6700.