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Bringing clarity and direction

You may not need or want to commit to the full financial planning journey at this moment in time. Most people actually come to us as they have a specific financial issue or challenge – top up an ISA for tax benefits or demystify, review and possibly consolidate existing pensions. We acknowledge you may want straightforward, timely and efficient transactional advice.

We’ll listen to what you want to achieve; the problem you’re looking to solve or the issue on your mind. We’ll want to understand this in the context of your life and future goals. Everyone is different so it’s only by understanding you that we can then consider the best course of action.
As independent advisers and following a rigorous analysis of all the available options, we’ll consider the best way forward for you. Our consultants are supported by a first class technical team so you can be sure that any recommendations we make will be right for you, clear and focused on achieving your desired outcome.
Following further discussion, we will implement the agreed recommendations. We’ll take care of the paperwork, ensuring we keep you informed at every stage of the process, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the outcome.

Underpinning this we will employ our distinctive investment approach – CW Invest

We believe that regular reviews are crucial in ensuring that your arrangements are adapted over time to meet your changing circumstances. We will therefore agree with you the frequency of meetings that suits you.
Read more about our CW Review process here.

The advice could be conducted face-to-face or even over the phone. The choice is yours but our focused planning proposition will help resolve issues, giving you the peace of mind that your concerns have been met and a best value solution delivered. We offer a spectrum of independent advice for independently minded people.