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Investing not speculating

This is a proven cost-effective investment strategy based on significant scientific research into how capital markets work. Our goal is to do a few simple things exceptionally well and we are guided by six key principles of successful investing.

Key principles

Retain a healthy cash reserve

Understand that risk and return are related

Acknowledge that the stock market is tough to beat

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and diversify

Seek out value for money and keep costs low

Start early and think long term

How do we look after your money?

In a volatile, ever-changing investment environment, choosing how to invest has become increasingly complex. We aim to simplify this process by helping you focus your decision based on your appetite for risk.

We work by the following five key principles:

Risk targeted funds
When we understand your risk appetite, we will recommend a tailor-made portfolio to match. This gives you the best chance of consistent outcomes without taking more risk than you are prepared to. Whether you are an adventurous investor, a cautious investor or, for most people, somewhere between the two, we’ll manage, monitor and adjust your portfolio through different stages of life.
A disciplined process
It’s been proven that trying to time the markets and pick ‘star’ funds to achieve additional rewards long term is often destined for failure.

As a result, we scientifically map your required investment risk to our choice of fund managers, who operate within a tightly controlled framework. The aim of each fund is to generate long term returns while remaining true to its target risk profile.

Diversified portfolios
We believe in building well diversified portfolios, reducing risk without destroying returns. We create a sophisticated portfolio at low cost and make it straight-forward to identify the different asset classes you are invested in. Professional tactical investment management can add value and reduce volatility to a portfolio.
Robust governance
Our Investment Committee meets quarterly to review the performance and value of the portfolios we recommend, and to make changes and recommendations as markets and portfolios dictate.
Economies of scale
As one of the profession’s largest firms we have significant scale and buying power allowing us to negotiate market leading terms with the best of breed fund managers and providers. This means we can offer the cost effective solutions normally reserved for large institutions.