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A disciplined process for staying in touch

We operate a formalised approach to review meetings. You have the choice of time, place and frequency of meetings, but we believe that, as your circumstances will inevitably change, we should discuss the impact of these on a regular basis.

We will contact you in advance of your agreed review date to organise a meeting and provide a detailed portfolio valuation, so you can digest its content and prepare any questions.

Formal reviews will typically cover:

Answering the questions you have in relation to your investment portfolio

Any changes to your personal circumstances or objectives

An update on the progression of your pension and investments in meeting your objectives

A review of taxation, legislation, pensions and investment matters relevant to your personal situation

A review of your approach to investments and risk

Recommendations with regard to any changes to your planning

Regular Contact

We encourage contact with our team at any point you feel appropriate between meetings, and your Consultant may contact you should there be something relevant to discuss with you. You will have dedicated member of our Customer Support Team available to talk to at any time.


Where you provide us with an email address we will be pleased to send newsletters providing updates on topical and current matters in the world of financial services.