Two fellow-directors and I first approached Cullen Wealth in 2004 when we were purchasing the engineering businesses we worked for, as we needed an executive pension scheme.

Hurst and Co., who were advisers and auditors on the purchase, were connected with Cullen Wealth and suggested we speak with them about our pension requirements.

The team at Cullen Wealth listened to our needs, discussed our situation with us and then suggested a range of options. I was impressed with their knowledge and with what they were offering. The adviser we were working closely with proposed options which we would not have thought of ourselves.

Happy with Cullen Wealth’s recommendations, we moved forward. Although it would be some years before we would be needing the results of that advice it proved extremely beneficial and has paid dividends now that we are drawing on our investments.

Our relationship with the firm has increased in strength over the years. Our adviser is now Stuart Arnold and I have always been impressed with the way he makes me feel more than just a client.

As well as continuing to advise on the executive pension scheme, he has also been advising my wife and I in terms of our general savings and investments. Over the last 4 or 5 years, we’ve been focused on how best to achieve what we aspire to in retirement.

Stuart went to great lengths to understand what was important to us and explained our options in detail. You always worry whether you will have enough in your ‘pot’ if you don’t have the certainty of a final salary pension. He made everything very clear, backed up by cash-flow scenarios, thus reassuring us that we could afford to retire.

Having made savings via the pension scheme itself, and with other monies invested elsewhere, we’re now in a position to actively plan for our retirement. In fact, my wife has already retired full-time and I am working part-time. Having sold the businesses, it’s an exciting time!

My wife and I value the fact that Stuart has included us both in any discussions. She hadn’t had much exposure to pensions, being in receipt of a final salary pension from her employment, and despite the fact that I’d been a pension fund trustee, it was good to hear advice from a third party!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cullen Wealth as we have found them to be knowledgeable, trustworthy and friendly.