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Referendum result

By June 27, 2016February 12th, 2019No Comments

After months of campaigning and debating, we finally know the result of the historic EU Referendum. The UK electorate have voted; Leave 52% against 48% Remain, with a turnout of 71.8%. This means more than 30 million people voted, the highest at a UK-wide vote since 1992.

So what happens now?

In reality, no one really knows. Greenland is the only other country to have left the EU, in 1985. An agreement called Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which begins the two-year process of negotiating a new trade relationship with the EU, has to be activated in order to set the whole process in motion and David Cameron has said he will leave it to his successor to invoke the Article.

Summary & analysis

We have prepared a full summary and analysis of the Referendum together with the implications for the economy, the markets and investments.  To read our full summary please click here.

Undeniably, this is uncharted territory for us all and there will be uncertainty.  We will of course be keeping the situation under close review but please do not hesitate to contact your usual Cullen Wealth consultant if you have any questions