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Kai Ansari

Financial Planner

I joined Cullen Wealth in February 2021 having worked in Financial Services since 2014. I started my Financial Services career working in investment research, followed by technical analysis, before attaining authorised adviser status in 2017. Building on my technical knowledge, I specialise in holistic financial planning with an emphasis on pensions, investments, and tax mitigation.

I am married and expecting my first child, and as all my colleagues and clients tell me, I am preparing for a wholesale change to my life as I know it. I like to think of myself as a DIY specialist in my spare time, but I am slowly coming to accept that such hobbies are about to take a back seat.

Here at Cullen Wealth, I work alongside a large group of other experienced financial advisers who collectively boast a wealth of industry experience. As a client, you not only have access to my knowledge, but also the shared experience of the whole company, which is always working very hard to achieve the best outcomes for you.

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