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Introducing David Snailham

By November 16, 2011February 12th, 2019No Comments

Here’s a quick introduction to David Snailham, our latest recruit, who has joined as our Compliance and Technical Manager.  David fulfills an important role, but one that is rarely seen by those outside the business, so we’ll treat this article as a rare public appearance.

David’s role is to facilitate and manage best practices across the business, management of the research team ‘para planning’ and administration teams. He also provides technical support to our consultants to ensure we deliver great financial advice and service to our clients.

Importantly David also liaises with our regulator, the Financial Services Authority, demonstrating how we exceed our regulatory obligations.

A youthful ‘late thirties’ David is married to Catherine with a young daughter.  David has been known to swing a golf club, although to what degree of skill remains uncertain.

We look forward to David becoming an increasingly valued member of the team.