Our firm of solicitors, Swayne Johnson, based in North Wales, deals very closely with Cullen Wealth.

I’m a court deputy so will be appointed by the Court of Protection in cases where someone doesn’t have the capacity to manage their own financial affairs and where there is no family or it is not appropriate for them to act.

I deal with a wide range of clients from those with acquired brain injuries to those with dementia. It’s my role to see that their assets are looked after in their best interests.

In such circumstances, I will identify the need for some independent financial advice and instruct Cullen Wealth to go through their recommendations with me.

They will prepare a detailed report, bespoke to each set of circumstances and outline how they think any assets should be invested.

Running alongside the investment advice, I may also require protection advice in terms of life insurance for the carers. If a person’s main carer is their parent, for example, and that parent dies, it is essential that adequate protection has been put in place.

One case I have dealt with involved a young girl who received an award for damages for life-changing problems. Cullen Wealth helped me deal with her money, both investing it and paying for her care. They provided advice up until she was 18 but as the rules are different in terms of the types of investments someone can hold once they’ve turned 18, they’ve also been proactive in managing that change.

I find Cullen Wealth’s approach extremely professional. I will introduce the relevant adviser to the members of the family as it’s important in these cases to have face to face contact. The situations can be quite complex but they take great care to listen to each set of circumstances. They’re very diligent in the presentation of their reports, making sure everything is accurate and produced in a timely fashion.

Cullen Wealth also run the corporate pension scheme for our firm and are currently helping us transfer to another provider. They’ve advised all our staff and have presented the information in a way as to inspire confidence.