I became a client of Emma McNulty’s at Cullen Wealth back in 2008. I knew her through my father as she‘d advised him for many years.

I was prompted to get in touch with Emma as I was concerned about my pension situation; I had various pensions from different jobs with different companies but wasn’t sure what they were all worth. I’d started paying into a pension in 1985 but every time I changed company, I ended up with a different provider. I was also aware legislation had changed so wanted to know what the best course of action was. The whole area just seemed like a minefield to me.

Emma’s knowledge was excellent. She simplified everything and made the options easy to understand so that the decision-making process no longer seemed so daunting.

Having considered my situation in detail, she advised me to pool my pensions together into one personal pension plan which I’ve been contributing to ever since. In addition, Emma oversees the company pension that I’m currently a member of.

I’ve worked in various industries, such as architecture, finance and the hospitality sector. My current role is Group Executive Admin Manager which, in reality, as the longest serving member of staff, is like being ‘a minister without portfolio!’. My priority at the moment is to try and plough as much as possible into my pension. I’m in my late 50s so retirement is looming. I’m in quite a pressurised job, working about 50 hours a week and I don’t want to be doing that for another ten years. Ideally, I’d like some extra flexibility so I am looking at possibly going part time and am working out with Emma how long my ‘pot’ might last.

I’ve also introduced many friends, who are of a similar age to myself and equally concerned about pensions, to Emma. She always makes you feel reassured and prepared for the future. In fact, it’s not just Emma – her whole team are friendly, down-to-earth and approachable while being professional at the same time.

Emma was of great support to my father when my mother had Alzheimer’s and he couldn’t get out. She would visit him and give him advice on his investment funds. She now comes down to London to advise us both. She’s helped my sister and my brother-in-law too so it’s a real family affair.