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Why Cullen Wealth?


Cullen Wealth are established almost 20 years and are one of the top 20 independently owned financial advisors in the UK.


We have 22 Qualified Advisors and 23 Technical and Support Staff to ensure that you receive the best advice possible.


We regularly monitor your investments and undertake regular reviews to help the overall progression to meeting your objectives.

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Managing your wealth

We know everyone has different goals in their lives. Whether you want to protect your loved ones, plan for a comfortable retirement or perhaps fund your children’s future our team of expert advisors are here to help.

Please contact to arrange an initial conversation with our advisers before arranging an assessment meeting. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form to arrange for one of our advisors to call you back. We understand how important choosing the right partner is to you. This is why your assessment meeting is free and there’s no obligation for you to become a client of ours.

Tel: 0161 975 6700

We typically help clients with asset values from £20K to over £1m


What To Expect

Many people come to Cullen Wealth because they know they need advice. Whatever your situation or reason for approaching us, you’ll naturally want to know more about the service we provide.

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Investing your Wealth

We believe that investment success comes from the use of a well researched and robust process, using best practice tools, and applying consistent policy over time.

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Tax Efficient Investments

Upon disposal of his business, Steve accumulated a capital lump sum. He needed to make a transition from a position of regular income and full time employment into retirement…

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Your financial future is in your hands. Contact us today and discover how our expert team can help plan your financial future