We believe that investment success comes from the use of a well researched and robust process, using best practice tools, and applying consistent policy over time. We believe that the key components of a successful investing process are:-

Understanding you

  • A joint understanding and agreement of clear and realistic investment objectives and timeframes.
  • An accurate assessment of your appetite for investment risk.
  • An investment solution targeted to achieve your objectives, whilst remaining within agreed volatility levels.

A disciplined process

  • Using asset allocation strategy as the driver of the vast majority of long term returns.
  • Taking speculation and emotion out of the process. Trying to time markets and pick ‘star’ funds to achieve additional rewards long term, is destined for failure.

Portfolio construction

  • Building well diversified portfolios is crucial to reduce risk without destroying returns.
  • Both Index Tracking Funds and Actively Managed Funds have a part to play, based upon cost, value and performance.
  • Professional tactical investment management can add value and reduce volatility to a portfolio.
  • Using efficient tax wrappers to manage and minimise tax payable throughout your investment journey.

Regular review and monitoring

  • Regular investment monitoring by our Technical and Research Team and regular reviews with you will enable necessary changes to portfolios and help the progression to meeting your objectives

If you require further detail on Investment Management or information regarding our approach to investing your wealth do not hesitate to contact us.