Many people come to Cullen Wealth because they know they need advice. Most have previously received some advice at some point. Whatever your situation or reason for approaching us, you’ll naturally want to know more about the service we provide. Here’s what you can expect when you choose us to help manage your wealth.

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Meeting for the first time

Our first meeting with you may work in one of two ways.

‘Introductory’ meeting

You may just wish to meet one of our Consultants to get a feel for our company and understand how we can work together. We understand how important choosing the right partner is to you. This meeting is free and there’s no obligation for you to become a client of ours.

‘Financial understanding’ meeting

You may wish to have a more in-depth initial meeting. Our Consultant will invest the time needed with you to understand and agree:

  • what you want to achieve and by when
  • your short and long-term financial ambitions – and whether they are realistic
  • your attitude to investment risk and financial experience to date

We will build a clear and detailed picture of your current and expected future financial position. This will enable us to provide you with specific advice tailored to your personal situation. Again, this meeting is free and without obligation.

Depending on the complexity of your finances and our projected investment of time, the Consultant will indicate the likely charges for our advice should you accept our proposals.


Preparing our advice

At Cullen Wealth we employ a highly qualified technical research team who support our consultants. Your Consultant will discuss your situation and objectives with this team in order to research and prepare detailed initial recommendations based upon:

  • your agreed objectives
  • your tax position
  • your agreed approach to investment risk
  • current regulations regarding pensions and investment
  • the information we obtain on your current pensions, investments and life assurances
  • best-value contracts, tax wrappers and investment solutions in the market
  • discussions with your accountant or solicitor, if applicable.


Explaining our advice

Your Consultant will meet with you again in order to explain our advice – and why we believe our recommendations are right for you. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions about about our proposals and for us to provide you with clarification about each part of our recommended strategy.

We will provide you with a clear statement of our proposed charges and services, should you want us to implement the recommendations.

Implementing our proposals

If you agree to our proposals, we will document our advice and complete the relevant paperwork. Our Business Support Team will process and submit your solutions efficiently, and update you on progress in a timely manner.

Reviewing your financial plan

We believe that regular reviews are crucial in ensuring that your planning is adapted over time to meet your changing objectives.

We will therefore agree with you the frequency of meetings that suits you. Formal reviews will typically cover:-

  • Any changes to your personal circumstances or objectives
  • An update of the progression of all your pension and investments
  • A review of taxation, legislation, pensions and investment matters relevant to your personal situation
  • A review of your approach to investments and risk
  • Recommendations with regard to any changes to your planning

Your Consultant will then see through any action points.

Regular Contact

We encourage contact with our team at any point you feel appropriate between meetings, and your Consultant may contact you should there be something relevant to you to discuss.


Where we have a relevant email address we will be pleased to send newsletters providing updates on topical and current matters in the world of financial services.


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